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Murat  Ulusoy, MD.  Psychohypnotherapy

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 dr ulusoy

Murat  Ulusoy, MD.  Psychohypnotherapy,

Kuşadası / Aydın / Turkey



Since 1992, he has been conducting Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (Therapy with Hypnosis). He supports the Hypnosis Training Courses offered by Yeditepe University as an instructor. Being a member of Conscious Hypnosis school, and Medical Hypnosis Association, he is also the founding member of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Association and Applied Hypnosis Association. He is the owner of site in the internet and at the same time he is the owner and moderator of the Hypnosis Group to which physicians and psychologists can be members.  He also holds a Poster Presentation on the issue of “The Treatment of Vaginismus Illness with Hypnosis” that was delivered in the 1st and 2nd Medical Hypnosis Congress. He lectures about Vaginismus and Hypnotherapy at the 3rd step hypnosis courses that are organized by Yeditepe University…

For the vaginismus treatment, Murat Ulusoy, MD applies an integrated psychotherapy within the dynamic and interpersonal hypnotherapy.


*** At the 2nd National and Foreigner Participatory Medical Hypnosis Congress, “the Seesaw Effect”: the secondary erection problem that can be observed in males in the vaginismus treatment and “the Simulation Technique”, making imagination as the last step of vaginismus treatment are declared by Ulusoy, MD  with the appointed names.

The woman of vaginismus is sensitive. She expects special attention and support; she expects that her involuntary (unconscious) reactions she gives, which seem to be exaggerated for an outsider, are understood. Her treatment starts at the very moment when she feels to be understood and she starts to trust.  The other methods solve vaginismus mechanically. But hypnotherapy provides a treatment in both mechanic and pleasure terms. Other treatment applications than hypnotherapy prove to be insufficient in regard to sexual pleasure and recognition. The method we apply in therapy is a Hypnotherapy that includes an Integrated Psychotherapy with an Individual Dynamic Approach. At the second Medical Hypnosis Congress, we declared that we have added a module into our therapy under the name of “Dr. Ulusoy- Simulation Technique” which is developed by us to ease the pleasure received from a sexual intercourse and to teach this to the mind at the very last step of vaginismus treatment. In clinical studies we have conducted, through the simulation technique we also procured receiving pleasure from the sexual intercourses to be experienced. We think that we put the missing piece of the vaginismus treatment with the method we developed. The aim of us in the vaginismus treatment is: “Experiencing a lifelong comfortable and pleasurable sexual intercourse after our therapy.”  We trust in the therapy and the method we apply. Do not forget; whatever may happen, we are with you and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

hypnosis What are Medical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

On contrary to many assumptions, hypnosis is not a sleep. It is a state of wakefulness and awareness. When you are under hypnosis, you are not made to do something you do not want. In every phase of the hypnotherapy we apply, your mind is open (Conscious Hypnosis). Hypnosis is a special state where the deep relaxation and receiving instilling increase.  Because of this reason, it is superior to other methods in therapies. Alone, hypnosis is not healing. The important thing is the quality of the instilling that you are to be given under the hypnosis. Firstly mental fear and anxiety are removed, and your confidence to succeed a sexual intercourse is increased with the instilling and the mental and imaginary practices that are given under the hypnosis. You are provided with a mental acceptance of the practices that you are asked to do at home in other treatment options but sometimes find it difficult to do, and you are provided with the ability to implement these alone at home after the imaginary during the hypnosis. Within the following period, when your therapy is over, you experience a lifelong pleasurable sexual intercourse without having any problems…



 1- Fear of coutis (Coitophobia)  2- Psychosexual problems  3- Menopause complaints 4- Dysmenorrhea 5- Vaginismus 6- Lack or absence of orgasm ( clitoral and vaginal) 7- Frigidity 8- Dysparonia (painful sexual intercourse) 9- Nymphomania (overflowing desire for sexual intercourse) 10- Fear of pregnancy  11- Pregnancy nausea and vomiting  12- Fear of miscarriage 13- Painless birth


Vaginismus, according to the Merck Manuel:  

It is a vagina spasm occurs in women when the lower part of vagina muscles are tightened almost like a conditioned reflex as a result of a present subconscious will to prevent the penis from penetrating into the vagina. As most of the time penetration of the penis into the vagina is impossible, this case is observed in problematic marriages very often.”

As it is also mentioned above, this problem is a result of unconscious will and it emerges in form of a conditioned reflex…

The method to blot out this reason is to attack to the mind with its very own weapon.  Forming new positively conditioned reflex arches by making maneuvers with subconscious periods will bring success. Hypnotherapy helps us with this. Although it is written that vaginismus is observed in couples that do not love each other, it can be observed in couples that love each other very much. This is a point that I do not agree.  The golden rule of subconscious is equalization... A woman can involuntarily reflect a negative event, which had been experienced or heard in the past, to her spouse whom she loves very much. Furthermore, stretch of leg muscles also participates in the tightening of the lower part of vagina muscles…   


Vaginismus and Hypnotherapy

Wrong phrases or push ups like th
ose of -“sexuality is bad”, “sexuality is fear”, “sexuality means too many children that cannot be looked after ", or “projection and effects of a sexual harassment experienced in the past that is pushed from conscious on today” - that our will power consciously or unconsciously (Subliminal learning- perception) coded to our subconscious, do spoil our mind-body harmony and cause us to undergo hardships. Mind is a perfect source of healing. As it can form a problem, it can also solve a problem that is present.

As İbn-i Sina says “There is a spiritual imaginative power. This power just like it can form diseases can also remove the diseases that are already present. The body has to obey the commands of the spiritual imaginative powers –imagination-.”  Moving on from this origin:

With the method of hypnosis in vaginismus cases, we form a changed consciousness state; remove the mind resistance, and succeed through the imagination techniques averagely in 6 sessions; either in weekly meetings or in a condensed one week period according to the wish of the person.

Why should you suffer from deadlocks for years? Moreover, every attempt you try but ends in failure introduces you more hardships. Couples, who tried other methods for years, do not want to believe in the result when they reach it in such
a short time, because they are conditioned negatively that sexual intercourse will not happen. The solution is much closer to you than any other methods; indeed, it is beside you: The solution is your “mind”.  

Both the Problem and the Solution are in the Mind;

Hypnotherapy Brings Success!


-  There is still another method we haven’t tried yet. What about trying it, unless it is too late?

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